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Initial Post

our weddingOver the past few weeks I’ve been reading blogs written by mothers from all walks of life.  Most of these have been by women who share my faith, Orthodox Christianity.  My eagerness to see how other Christian women walk in their daily lives is one more way of preparing for my own journey of motherhood.  My husband graduates law school in the spring, and we are expecting our first child in June, for which we couldn’t be more excited!  There is so much to do before baby is with us– I’m overwhelmed!  I hope that by joining this community of online Christian mothers I can learn some things before baby arrives.  I want to use this blog as a way to chronicle our journey as a new family.

Today as I was doing my blog search I came across Passionate Homemaking.  They are going to begin a book study February 1st on Prac­tic­ing Hos­pi­tal­ity: The Joy of Serv­ing Others by Pat Ennis & Lisa Tat­lock.  This looks like an interesting read so I entered into their giveaway.  If you have a few seconds, comment on their post and enter yourself.  A book study like this will be a great way for me to jump start my blog.


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