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Sadness for the Patriarch

Did you happen to see His All Holiness’ 60 minutes interview?  I was very impressed by Patriarch Bartholomew’s humility and candor – too often he comes across the wrong way when he’s in the West courting secular elites for things like environmental issues or other political things.  The interview really reveals his spirituality, his piety, and a small part of the sufferings that the “Ecumenical Patriarch” must daily undergo in a city that is no longer even nominally Christian.  Today we find out just how willing the Turkish authorities are to crucify His All Holiness– his statements about feeling “crucified” and being a “second-class citizen” (things all too obvious anyway) were targeted by the Turkish government.  Like bullies, they are asking him today for a “clarification” of these statements… a stark reminder that freedom to speak one’s mind is not a “given” in other places of the world as it is in America.  How often we take it for granted!

Just in case you missed it, here’s the interview:

The interviews are good, despite some historical inaccuracies.  Before seeing some of the Christian treasures of Turkey, I thought the best move would be for the Patriarch to officially relocate to Mt. Athos.  This seems impossible to me, now.

O Lord, protect and preserve Patriarch Bartholomew through the prayers of Thy Most-Pure Mother and all the saints, Amen.


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